Aug. 4 primary election State Senate candidates

David Cole

Mike Moon

Lawrence County voters will return to the booth next week for the Aug. 4 primary election. Below is a look at the hotly contested District 29 State Senate Republican candidates.
Age: 56
Occupation: Attorney
Education: Graduated from Wheaton High School in Wheaton, Missouri; Missouri Southern State University in Joplin, Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; University of Missouri in Columbia J.D.
Why should someone vote for you? People should vote for me because I am a constitutional conservative and an outsider. I’m 100% pro-life, 100% pro-gun, and I support President Trump. I’m endorsed by Missouri’s police officers, Missouri Right to Life, the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, and I am “A” Rated by the NRA. I’m a small business owner, not a career politician. With everything going on in our country right now, we need southwest Missouri values and common sense in Jefferson City. We need tough conservatives ready to stand up for our rights and vote the right way - that means voting to protect innocent life, defending our Second Amendment rights, and supporting our law enforcement. I’ll support our President and I’ll fight the rise of radical socialism. This is the greatest country on Earth and we need to start acting like it again.
Age: Age: 61
Education: B.S. Education, SMSU
Occupations: Cattle Rancher
Why should someone vote for you? Since my election in 2013, I have taken seriously my oath of office: to support the constitutions of the United States and Missouri. As noted in Article I of the Missouri Constitution, my fundamental duty as a legislator is to protect life, liberty, and property of Missourians.
During my tenure in the House, I’ve been privileged to introduce at least nine bills which, if passed, would lead to ending the murder of developing human babies in our state. One bill, HB 2265 would have prohibited Missouri taxpayer money from being used to fund Planned Parenthood.
In addition, I have advocated for lower taxes, the elimination of the corporate tax, and the elimination of unnecessary regulations. Business owners entrusted me to advocate on their behalf in order to hold the Department of Revenue accountable for wrongdoing against them.
 My voting record proves that I support the 2nd Amendment. In addition, I helped to pass the Castle Doctrine, Permit-less carry (otherwise known as Constitutional Carry), and I co-sponsored the Second Amendment Preservation Act. My work has been recognized by the NRA (sole endorsement in the Senate race) and the Missouri Firearms Coalition (https:// watch?v=_ffcBPW9Pgo).


Lawrence County Record

312 S. Hickory St.
Mt. Vernon, MO, 65712


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