Banbury Tarts

The Record’s “Recipe of the Week”: Banbury Tarts by Elnora E. Sherman

• 1 cup seedless raisins
• 1 cup currants
• 1/2 cup figs
• 1/3 cup orange juice
• 3 T. granted orange peel
• 1/2 cup lemon juice
• 1 T. granted lemon peel
• 1 cup sugar
• 1/2 cup water
• 1/2 cup English walnuts, chopped
• 1 cup butter or margarine, softened
• 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
• 2 cups all purpose flour

1) Combine the raisins, currants, figs, orange juice, orange peel, lemon juice, lemon peel, sugar, and water in a saucepan. Cook for 20 minutes. Add the walnuts. Cook an additional 10 minutes. Cool.

2) In a large mixing bowl, combine the butter or margarine, and the cream cheese. Blend in the flour until smooth. Wrap in waxed paper. Chill the dough for several hours.

3) On a lightly floured surface, roll small balls of dough into 3” squares. Cut the edges with a pastry wheel for a pretty edge.

4) Fill the squares with 1 tsp. of the fruit mixture. Bring all four points together to make a dainty tart. Place on a cookie sheet.

5) Bake at 350° for 45 minutes. Remove from the cookie sheet and let cool on a wire rack. Dust with powdered sugar after they are cool. Makes 3 to 3-1/2 dozen.


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