Bicksler charged with assault, other crimes

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Dylan Bicksler

Cassville man, allegedly drunk, assaults Mt. Vernon officers
A Cassville man was arrested on Tuesday, Feb. 27, after he allegedly trespassed on private property in Mt. Vernon and attacked police officers who responded to the situation. Dylan Bicksler, 25, faces three counts of third-degree assault – special victim, one count of resisting arrest and, in a separate case filed in regard to the same incident, one count of second-degree property damage.
According to the probable cause statement in the case, a Mt. Vernon police officer responding to an assist agency went to Families in Recovery, where he was told an intoxicated man, later identified as Bicksler, had “snuck in” to the property. The person who called the officer asked him to tell Bicksler he was trespassed from (asked to leave) the property.
The officer went to the residence where Bicksler allegedly was; he report- ed Bicksler came out the door with his right fist in a ball. The officer said he ordered Bicksler to sit on the hood of his police car, and Bicksler complied. The officer also reported that Bicksler had a strong smell of intoxicants on him, that his speech was slurred, and that Bicksler swayed while standing.
Bicksler, the officer stated, asked the officer why he was there, and he (the officer) attempt- ed to speak with Bicksler about the trespass. At that point, the officer stated, Bicksler became “agitated,” refused to comply with the officer’s commands and stated that “this is my property.”
As the officer continued to try to speak with Bicksler, he (Bicksler) allegedly became confrontational with the officer, and threatened to fight him, the officer said. At one point, Bicksler sat down, but then allegedly stood up again and spoke aggressively to the officer again.
The officer stated that Bicksler at one point complied with orders to put his hands behind his back so he could be cuffed, but as he was being led to the officer’s patrol car, he became aggressive again, claiming he was going to fight the officer and allegedly taunted him, daring the officer to “blow his brains out.”
Because the situation was beginning to escalate, the officer said, he requested an additional officer be sent out. At that point, he reported, Bicksler began resisting attempts to get him in his patrol car by allegedly striking the officer with his back and, after the officer put him in a prone position on the ground, thrashing about despite orders to stop resisting.
Another Mt. Vernon police officer arrived, and together, they stood Bicksler up. Bicksler continued to struggle and fight with them, the first officer stated. Allegedly, Bicksler had to be placed in the car and then positioned his feet to keep the door from closing. A Lawrence County deputy sheriff
then arrived on the scene and helped the officers get Bicksler into the vehicle, however, Bicksler allegedly struck one of the officers and the deputy with his feet and knees. Finally, the officer reported, Bicksler was secured.
Once inside the vehicle, Bicksler allegedly continued to yell, kick and knock his head against the window of the vehicle. The officer said he attempted to calm Bicksler down, but Bicksler allegedly shouted that he would “slit (my) throat” and “shoot (me) in the face.” At one point, the officer said, Bicksler managed to slip his cuffs to the front of him and
tried to exit the patrol car but broke the door handle instead.
After Bicksler was booked into the Lawrence County Jail, the officer reported that he checked MULES and found that Bicksler had an “associated caution indicator and was on probation and parole for a previous assault conviction.”
According to online records, Bicksler appeared in court on Monday, March 4, for a preliminary hearing for the assault and resisting charges; he is scheduled to reappear in court on Thursday, April 4, for a bond hearing. He will also appear in court on April 4 for an initial appearance on the property damage charge.
As of press time, Bicksler remained in in the Lawrence County Jail, where he was being held without bond.


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