Board passes ordinance authorizing city contract with Doty Trash Services

Steve Chapman

Mt. Vernon residents will pay $10.50 per month for trash service, senior citizens get big discount
The Mt. Vernon Board of Aldermen voted during their meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 26 to approve an ordinance authorizing a contract between the city and Doty Trash Services, Inc. for Doty to provide solid waste hauling and disposal services for all Mt. Vernon residents.
The contract, which goes into effect on Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020, will remain in effect for three calendar years, and is renewable for two one-year periods afterward. It gives Doty Trash Services exclusive rights to collect and dispose of residential solid waste within Mt. Vernon city limits while it remains in force.
Under the terms of the contract, Doty will collect solid waste weekly from residents for a fee of $10.50 per month, and recycling items for a fee of $3.50 per month, with residents aged 65 or older receiving a 40-percent discount. They will also provide walk-up service to those with physical limitations at no extra cost, provided no one lives in their residence who can transport the trash to the curbside, and they will clean up any litter they spill. The city will collect Doty’s fees through utility billing and retain 5-percent of the proceeds.
At present, all Mt. Vernon residences receiving utility services will also receive residential trash service from Doty.
During the public comments portion of the meeting, resident Bruce Conway asked the board to make an exception for property he owns. Conway said he owns houses which he is currently working to make habitable, and they could remain vacant for up two years or longer. In the meantime, he would be paying for a service which would be of no use to him.
“I have a barnyard that would fit under that category,” he said. “I have utilities at my barnyard. Nobody lives in the barn, and I don’t need trash service out there. I’ve got two old houses that I have recently bought.”
Conway added he would be paying “$360 a year for nothing” and his situation merited an exception.
“I know that’s a unique situation, but exceptions are for unique situations,” he said.
 In other business…
The board also passed an ordinance requiring all sidewalks located on the east side of Hickory Street and the west side of Market Street between Water and Dallas streets, and the sidewalks on the north side of Water Street and the south side of Dallas Street between Hickory and Market Streets to have a nominal width of 10 feet. Sidewalks on Hickory Street from the square to Mt. Vernon Boulevard will have a nominal width of five feet and be located on both sides of the street where current infrastructure allows. All other sidewalks will have a minimum width of four feet and are required on only one side of the street.
The board also ratified an e-mail vote to purchase a Figyt Pump and have it installed at the wastewater treatment plant at a total cost of $10,382, and approved the purchase and installation of a second Figyt Pump for the same price. In his report, City Administrator Max Springer explained the first pump was the backwash pump, and after it was installed, the system worked for a few hours before the wash pump also went out; the second pump purchased replaces the wash pump.
The board also approved a request to hire KIMHEC Environmental Services to assist in completing the pretreatment program at the Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city’s industrial customers at a cost of $30,000. They also approved the purchase of computers for the city’s police cars at a cost of $16,000.


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