Name: Don Brogdon
Occupation: Sr. Account Executive
Age: 41
Education: High school diploma, some college
Why should someone vote for you? I have a personal interest in preserving and improving the quality of our education, student success, safety and employment of our staff in the district.
I have a vision for academic achievement and the development of our students and staff. I am an advocate for the educational needs of all students and feel as board members we need to be receptive and responsive to our parents, students, staff and community.
With my background in finance, I have the resources to assist with the health of our district's budget and where tax payer money is spent. I want to help create a culture for our district where educators want to stay and eventually retire. Having your vote on April 4th is appropriate.

Name: Michael R. Hammond
Occupation: After teaching in the Accounting Department of Missouri State University for approximately 20 years, I retired last year.
Education: I obtained a Master of Accountancy degree from Southwest Missouri State University.
Why should someone vote for you:
I am running for the Aurora School board as I believe that I can bring unique skills and experience to the board.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
For reviewing finance and accounting issues, I am a Certified Public Accountant with approximately 47 years of experience.
As mentioned above, prior to retiring at Missouri State University, I taught in the Accounting Department for almost 20 years. This gives me a unique perspective of being both in the normal board member role of being an advocate for the patrons of the Aurora School District and as well as being able to be an advocate for Aurora's students, teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff and administration - essentially all the employees of the Aurora School District. I think both of these advocate abilities will be beneficial to all of the Aurora School constituents now and in the future.
I have previously served three terms on the Aurora School Board. During those terms, the school board, the community, and the school district itself worked together to pass bonds that enabled the Aurora School District to build Pate Elementary in 2000 and the new high school in 2006. In anticipating future district needs, I believe that type of consensus building experience will be important when serving on the Aurora School Board.  
 I do not have any "concerns" about our Aurora School District. However, I see that we have a major challenge before us that can and should be met. We have hired the best people in our school district - we need to ensure that we are able to keep all of them!
 Also, a review should be performed to see at what age, what type of electronic devices and how much of the school day should the students be given to access to these electronic devices. These electronic tools are necessary for students’ education but these electronic tools may be preventing our students in learning basic math, communication, and reasoning skills, etc.

Name: Scott Welch
Age: 58
Occupation: Honey Creek Golf Club, family owned/operated business
Education: High school diploma; some college
Why should someone vote for you: I have 23 years experience on the school board, have 40 years experience operating/managing a business. I have a strong passion to see all children succeed with their education and be successful young people going out into the world, rather it be work force, trade school, or college. I always try to vote for what's best for our district, (always keeping in mind to the students, teachers, administrators, staff, and our facilities). To me, the most important question I always try to ask myself when voting or discussing an issue is "how will it affect the kids, is it best for them?"


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