Carl grateful for support during struggle with COVID-19

Steve Chapman

In ICU for 3 weeks, Mt. Vernon woman now home, pleads for others to wear mask
After a nearly month-long stay in the hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19, Lynne Carl is back at home and resting. She attributes her recovery to the support she received from the Mt. Vernon community.
Carl tested positive for COVID-19 on Aug. 3; she stayed home in quarantine, believing she had a mild case of the virus. Eventually, however, she was forced to seek treatment.
“I gradually got weaker and experienced the ‘brain fog’ many have mentioned,” she said. “On Monday, Aug. 10, I entered Mercy Hospital as my oxygen level of my blood had dropped well below 90, and I was very weak. I went immediately into ICU for three weeks.”
 During her time in the ICU, Carl had to remain isolated from even her family, though she was able to speak with them via her cellphone.
“The staff was very dedicated and nice,” she said, “but isolation (with) no visitors allowed for three weeks was very hard. I was very ill with the virus and after several difficult treatments, (including) a five-shot regimen of Remdesivir and two transfusions of antibody plasma and massive amounts of oxygen for my pneumonia, I was about to go on the ventilator.”
However, Carl said, her condition improved overnight.
“It seemed like a miracle,” she said, “and I believe it was due to the many prayers and good wishes from the community.”
Phone contact with her family during isolation also helped.
“(It) played an enormous part of my turnaround,” she said.
While she was in the ICU, Carl said, she was being prayed for by members of her church, friends, and her former students from Mt. Vernon High School, where she taught English and Spanish for 18 years. Cards and food were also sent to her home.
“I am so grateful for all of the support we have received,” she said.
In the four weeks since she returned home from the hospital, Carl said she has made some marked improvements.
“(I) seem to have no serious aftereffects other than fatigue,” she said. “I was soon able to get off the walker as my strength has improved and I am using oxygen only at night.”
Carl also has a message for everyone regarding COVID-19.
“Please be careful and wear your mask,” she said.


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