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A look at local state rep. candidates on the Aug. 4 primary ballot
State Rep., District 157 Candidate
Age: 48
Education: 12th grade
Occupation: Construction business owner/farmer/Rancher/owner of Exit 33 Truckwash
Why should someone vote for you? Lifetime Lawrence County resident. I have worked hard for the community and have maintained fairness and honesty. Have given my time, effort and materials to people in need when disasters hit. Firefighter and first responder. Work with sub contractors so I’m used to helping people work together. Been a leader my entire life. Pro life. Pro gun. Pro education. Pro family. Christian Minister.
My motto is, “Lets make a difference!”
State Rep., District 157 Candidate
Age: 35
Occupation: Independent Multiline Insurance Agent
Education: Graduated Pierce City High School 2003, Graduated MSSU, degree political science
Why should someone vote for you? I want to serve Lawrence County in more ways than one, as unusual a year this has been with businesses closing, people unemployed, county and state revenues are suffering. Why should a politician’s salary be immune to these hard times? It is my intention to contribute 25 percent of my annual salary to the county in which I represent. An independent board will be used to disburse this money to enable the completion of projects and facilitate growth.
State Rep., District 157 Candidate
Age: 60
Occupation: Pastor, substitute teacher, retired federal correctional officer, Marine veteran.
Education: Currently working on a degree through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Why should someone vote for you? The standard conservative answers to basic issues will be similar to the other two men in the race. I am pro-life. A strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I believe in limited government and less regulation. I support the Constitutions of the US and Missouri. I want strong public schools with more local control of our school districts and less control from Jefferson City and Washington DC.


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