Hancock charged with animal abuse, armed criminal action; already on probation

Steve Chapman

Gregory Hancock

Marionville senior accused of heinous mutilation of dogs
A Marionville man was arrested after he was accused of killing two dogs belonging to an Aurora woman. Gregory Hancock, 70, is charged with two counts of animal abuse and one count of armed criminal action.
According to the probable cause statement in the case, on Thursday, Sept. 9, a witness called 911 and said Hancock had used a knife to cut open the chests of two dogs. Aurora-Marionville police officers went to the residence where the alleged crime happened, and Hancock arrived shortly afterwards. One of the officers reported smelling a strong odor of an intoxicant from Hancock and also noticed an open glass bottle of Corona sitting in the middle console cup holder. The reporting officer stated that Hancock was asked to exit the vehicle, and he complied.
As Hancock exited the vehicle, he had to use both hands to steady himself. The officers also noted that he had blood on his “hands, arms, shirt, shorts, legs and feet.”
The witness came to the scene and told the officers that she had witnessed Hancock cut open the chest of a dog named Karma, after which he cut off the dog’s ear.
The reporting officer stated he saw a large amount of blood near the front tree of the residence where Karma was killed and another large pool of blood beside a shed in the yard. The witness said another dog, Caine, was the dog which would have been killed by the shed.
The officer said he spoke with Hancock and asked him where the dogs were; Hancock said they were dead. When the officer asked Hancock what happened, Hancock replied that “he didn’t need to talk anymore.”
According to the probable cause statement, the officer found a small, silver can with what he believed to be the ear of Karma; the officer also reported finding a box cutter with what appeared to be dried blood and hair on it. There was also dried blood on the tailgate of Hancock’s truck and fresh blood, still wet, on a yellow toolbox.
Hancock was booked into the Lawrence County Jail in the early morning hours of Friday, Sept. 10, and released about four hours later. He is due in court on Monday, Oct. 18, for an initial hearing.


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