Law. Co. Sheriff’s officer Anderson charged with violating protection order, stalking

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County lawman in hot water in two counties for alleged misbehavior toward mother of his child
An officer with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is facing court dates in Greene and Christian counties after allegedly violating a protection order on two occasions. Conner Anderson is charged with violating an order of protection for an adult in Christian County and stalking in Greene County; the victim in both cases is the mother of his child.
Charges in Christian County
According to the probable cause statement in the case, the victim contacted an officer with the Ozark Police Department on Aug. 7 of this year and reported that Anderson had e-mailed her on July 14, “cursing at her about things that had nothing to do with their son.” Charges in the case were filed against Anderson on Sept. 27.
The officer reported that in the email, Anderson accused the victim of making posts and sending messages on a false Facebook page towards him. The victim responded that if any information about their son is being shared online, then he needed to share that with her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t discuss the matter any further. She also said she didn’t know to what Anderson was referring.
The officer reported that an order of protection was granted to the victim on March 24 of this year, and Anderson was served with the order on the same day.
Sheriff Brad DeLay said the order of protection against Anderson would not impact his status as a law enforcement officer.
“It is not against the law for Deputy Anderson to work as a police officer or any officer for that matter,” he said. “Both federal law and Missouri law states this. The only way that it would prevent deputy Anderson from working is if a judge specifically ruled or made a notation under a court case that he could not carry a firearm and/or was a danger to someone or the public. I can tell you this is not the case.”
Charges in Greene County
The stalking charge arose from an incident which allegedly took place in Springfield on July 6 at the Springfield Police South District Station; charges in the case were filed against Anderson on Wednesday, Nov. 15.
According to the probable cause statement in the case, the woman said she arrived at the scene at 7 p.m. and awaited Anderson to arrive for the agreed upon meeting time of 7:20 p.m., where she would pick up their child.
The woman said Anderson arrived at 7:12 p.m. and then took their son out of the backseat of his car. She said she then got out of her car to meet Anderson between the vehicles and take custody of the boy.
As she approached, the woman said, Anderson said to her that they “needed to talk.” She also said that Anderson became “increasingly agitated” and demanded that they “talk now.”
The woman said she told Anderson to speak to her through the “app”, which he said she did not answer; she also said that Anderson began calling her “a raging b-tch” and “stupid.”
The woman said that she was becoming more concerned about the child’s safety, as Anderson still had him in his arms, and she asked him to give her the child so she could put him in her car. Anderson, she said, refused, stating it wasn’t 7:20 p.m. yet and put the boy back in his car. He then continued to demand that the woman speak with him, she said, to which she said she again refused and told him to use the app and stop calling her names. This enraged Anderson, the woman said, and he took a “tense posture.” However, the woman also said, Anderson did not “touch, assault or insinuate” he would assault her. At 7:20 p.m., she was able to get the child and leave.
The woman told police that she was concerned for her well-being as Anderson was law enforcement with “multiple guns at his disposal.” She also claimed that he had “held her at gunpoint in the past.”
A witness to the incident claimed that she had video recorded the incident with the victim’s phone “but kept it out of sight for most of the interaction.” She (the witness) said she saw Anderson become “very red” and angry while he allegedly attempted to force the victim to speak with him. The witness also said Anderson “took a more aggressive stance’ towards the victim after putting the child back in his car.
The Springfield Police officer who viewed the video stated that the parts of it which could be understood supported the victim’s account of the incident.
According to the criminal complaint in the case, Anderson allegedly made contact with the woman outside of the scope of contact allowed by the order of protection.
Anderson is scheduled to appear in court in Ozark on Tuesday, Dec. 12, for an initial hearing on the violation of an order of protection charge, and in Springfield on Thursday, Dec. 14, for an initial appearance on the stalking charge.


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