Lawrence County Youth Fair results

Ella Clark, Kenzie Schertz, Isaiah Schertz and Clayton Clark pose with their Dorper ewes during the judging of the Lawrence County Youth Fair Sheep Show. Clayton Clark won the Dorper Champion Ewe category. (Photo submitted)

Earning top honors at the Lawrence County Youth Fair 2023, thanks to having high points, were local youths Aria Duwe, Payton Duwe and Lindsay McDonald (Photo submitted)

Payton Duwe, Overall Supreme Doe

Payton Duwe, Overall Grand Champion Cat

Kentley Rieder, Aria Duwe, Kylar Cope and Ivey Mareth, Dog Winners

Karla Grimm- Friend of the Fair Award

Jessi Hankins, Champion Intermediate Showman

Reagan Doucet, Grand Champion Steer

Seth Callison, Champion Cow/Calf Pair

Jordyn Jones, Supreme Bull

Beef Show

Beef Show

Rachel Callison, Reserve Supreme Bull

Dairy Show

Dairy Show

Bryar Brummet- Supreme Champion Gilt

Mallory Royer, Grand Champion Market Hog

Ava Hines, Hampshire Champion Gilt

Morgan Hines, Duroc Champion Gilt

Hog Show

Goat Show

Goat Show

Mady Martin, Grand Champion Market Goat

Ham Show

Rabbit Show

Rabbit Show

Savannah Doucet, Overall Supreme Champion Doe

Addilyn Koehler, Rex Grand Champion Rabbit

Poultry Show

Gracie Kenney, Broiler Show Grand Champion;
Eli Bowles, Broiler Show Reserve Champion

Krystin Gold, Supreme Hen

Sheep Show

Emmet Anderson, Khattadin Champion Ewe

Halle Taylor, Slicked Horn Dorset Champion Ewe

The following are results from the 2023 Lawrence County Youth Fair:
Beef Cattle: Angus Champion Heifer, Zoe Gurley; Angus Reserve Champion Heifer, Ryanne Crutcher; Beefmaster Champion Heifer, Gavin Lewis; Brangus Champion Heifer, Jacy Leech; Charolais Champion Heifer, Jessi Hankins; Charolais Reserve Champion Heifer, Ryanne Crutcher; Charolais Champion Bull, Jessi Hankins; Dexter Champion Cow/Calf Pair, Connor Neely; Hereford Champion Heifer, Aiden Kleinman; Hereford Reserve Champion Heifer, Abby Long;  Hereford Champion Bull, Cade Shepherd; Mini Hereford Champion Heifer, Cameryn Shepherd; Scottish Highlander Champion Heifer, Taylor Miller; Scottish Highlander Reserve Champion Heifer, Georgia Hodnett; Limousin Champion Heifer, Jordyn Jones; Limousin Reserve Champion Heifer, Riley Doucet; Limousin Champion Bull, Jordyn Jones; Red Angus Champion Heifer, Brynlee Sonnenfelt; Red Angus Reserve Champion Heifer, Brynlee Sonnerfelt; % Red Angus Champion Hiefer, Brynlee Sonnorfelt; Shorthorn Champion Heifer, Boone Worthington; Shorthorn Reserve Champion Heifer, Tate Worthington; Shorthorn Plus Champion Hiefer, Boone Worthington; Shorthorn Plus Reserve Champion Heifer, Tate Worthington; Simmental Champion Heifer, Rachel Callison; Simmental Reserve Champion Heifer, Seth Callison; Simmental Champion Bull, Rachel Callison; Simmental Reserve Champion Bull, Seth Callison; % Simmental Champion Heifer, Rachel Callison; % Simmental Reserve Champion Heifer, Grace Kellam; % Simmental Champion Bull, Rachel Callison; Commercial Champion Heifer, Reagan Doucet; Commerical Reserve Champion Heifer, Abby Long; Commercial Champion Bull, Jordyn Jones; Supreme Champion Heifer, Zoe Gurly, Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer, Jordyn Jones; Supreme Champion Bull, Jordyn Jones; Reserve Supreme Champion Bull, Rachel Callison; Grand Champion Market Steer, Reagan Doucet; Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer, Zoe Gurley; Showmanship Junior Champion, Nelsie Myers; Showmanship Reserve Junior Champion, Brynlee Sonnenfelt; Showmanship Intermediate Champion, Jessi Hankins; Showmanship Intermediate Reserve Champion, Tate Worthington; Showmanship Senior Champion, Jordyn Jones; and Showmanship Senior Reserve Champion, Jacy Leech;
Dairy Cattle: Ayrshire Grand Champion Spring Yearling, Colton Kleiboeker; Brown Swiss Champion Calf, Wesley Myers; Brown Swiss Reserve Champion Calf, Reagan Daughtery; Brown Swiss Junior Champion Calf, Wesley Myers; Brown Swiss Junior Reserve Champion Calf; Reagan Daughtery; Guernsey Champion Spring Yearling, Harley Totten; Gurnsey Junior Champion Spring Yearling, Harley Totten; Guernsey Junior Reserve Champion 2-year-old, Zeb Wilson; Holstein Champion 3-year-old, Emma Parrigon; Holstein Reserve Champion Aged Cow, Colton Kleiboeker; Holstein Junior Champion Fall Yearling, Samantha Justice; Holstein Junior Reserve Winter Yearling, Brantley Keltner; Jersey Champion 4-year-old, Jayce Burk; Jersey Reserve Champion Aged Cow, Wesley Myers; Jersey Junior Champion Fall Yearling, Addison Tharp; Jersey Junior Reserve Champion Winter Calf, Wesley Myers; Milking Shorthorn Champion Winter Yearling, Regan Voskamp; Milking Shorthorn Juior Champion Winter Yearling, Regan Voskamp; Supreme Heifer, Addison Tharp; Supreme Cow, Emma Parrigon; Champion Dairy Steer, Harley Prevo; Reserve Champion Dairy Steer, Regan Voskamp Showmanship- Champion Junior, Colby Kleiboeker and Champion Senior, Addison Tharp.
Dairy Goats: Junior Champion Doe, Mady Martin; Reserve Junior Champion Doe, Macy Martin; Senior Champion Doe, Ellie Ray; Supreme Champion Doe, Ellie Ray and Showmanship Champion Junior, Mady Martin.
Meat Goats: Senior Champion Buck, Emma Uhing; Junior Champion Buck, Emma Uhing; Reserve Champion Senior Buck, Kimberly Long; Reserve Champion Junior Buck, Emma Uhing; Junior Champion Doe, Payton Duwe; Senior Champion Doe, Payton Duwe; Overall Supreme Doe, Payton Duwe; Reserve Supreme Doe, Payton Duwe; Champion Market Goat, Mady Martin; Reserve Champion Market Goat, Carissa Cary, Showmanship Champion Junior, Mady Martin and Showmanship Champion Senior, Emma Uhing;
Myotonic Goats: Junior Champion Doe- Colton Lowry, Grand Champion Doe- Colton Lowry, Junior Champion Buck, Colton Lowry and Grand Champion Buck- Colton Lowry
Hams: Grand Champion, Jayden Stockton and Reserve Grand Champion, Andrew Scott.
Hogs: Berkshire Champion Gilt, Taylor Miller; Berkshire Reserve Champion Gilt, Tierany Sloan; Chester White Champion Gilt, Jori Todd; Chester White Reserve Champion Gilt, Paxton Brugel; Duroc Champion Gilt, Morgan Hines; Duroc Reserve Champion Gilt, Karson Thomas; Hampshire Champion Gilt, Ava Hines; Hampshire Reserve Champion Gilt, Kampbell Thomas; Hereford Champion Gilt, Lane Baker; Hereford Reserve Champion Gilt, Macy Baker; Poland China Champion Gilt, Jarrett Hinson; Spot Champion Gilt, Lane Baker; Spot Reserve Champion Gilt, Kampbell Thomas; Yorkshire Champion Gilt, Karson Thomas; Yorkshire Reserve Champion Gilt Kampbell Thomas; Crossbred Champion Gilt, Bryar Brummet; Crossbred Reserve Champion Gilt, Jarrett Hinson; Champion Market Hog: Mallory Royer; Showmanship Champion Junior, Lane Baker; Showmanship Champion Intermediate, Mallory Royer; and Showmanship Champion Senior, Kampbell Thomas;
Rabbits: Angora Gran Champion, Allison Kenney; Flemish   Grand Champion, Savannah Doucet; Flemish Reserve Champion, Savannah Doucet; New Zealand Grand Champion, Gavin McDonald; New Zealand Reserve Grand Champion, Gavin McDonald; Havanna Grand Champion, Zane McDonald; Havanna Reserve Grand Champion, Zane McDonald; Holland Grand Champion, Ethan Finch; Holland Reserve Grand Champion, Cody Matthews; Lionhead Grand Champion Market Rabbit, Allaura Baker; Polish Grand Champion, Brooke Stevens; Rex/Mini Rex Grand Champion, Addilynn Koehler; Rex/Mini Reserve Grand Champion, Kolton Matthews; Overall Supreme Champion, Savannah Doucet; Overall Reserve Supreme Champion, Gavin McDonald; Grand Champion Market Rabbit, Wesley Myers; Reserve Champion Market Rabbit, Alexandar Baker; Showmanship Champion Junior, Brooke Stevens and Showmanship Championship Senior,  Allaura Baker;
Sheep: Corriedale Champion Ewe, Autumn Smiley; Fitted Dorset Champion Ewe, Maggie Anderson; Fitted Dorset Reserve Champion Ewe, Maggie Anderson; Slicked Horn Dorset Champion Ram, Halle Taylor; Slicked Horn Dorset Champion Ewe, Halle Taylor; Slicked Horn Dorset Reserve Champion Ewe, Halle Taylor; Dorper Champion Ram, Wyatt Carr; Dorper Reserve Champion Ram, Mady Martin; Dorper Champion Ewe, Clayton Clark; Dorper Reserve Champion Ewe, Mady Martin; Hampshire Champion Ewe, Kinzey Stigall; Hampshire Reserve Champion Ewe, Kyrstin Gold; Khattadin Champion Ram, Isaiah Sweeton; Khattadin Reserve Ram, Anna Sweeton; Khattadin Champion Ewe, Emmet Anderson; Khattadin Reserve Champion Ewe, Emmet Anderson; Lincoln Champion Ewe, Ashtyn Anderson; Lincoln Reserve Champion Ewe, Elizabeth Laframboise; Shrop Champion Ram, Briley Seela; Shrop Champion Ewe, Elizabeth Laframboise; Crossbred Champion Ewe, Kimberly Kempke; Crossbred Reserve Champion Ewe, Caroline Wilson; Overall Supreme Champion Ewe, Clayton Clark; Grand Champion Market Lamb, Ella Clark; Reserve Champion Market Lamb, Clayton Clark; Showmanship Champion Junior, Mady Martin and Showmanship Champion Senior, Brier Day;
Cats: Overall Grand Champion, Payton Duwe; Reserve Grand Champion, Aria Duwe
Dogs: Overall Grand Champion, Ivey Mareth; Overall Reserve Grand Champion, Aria Duwe; Showmanship Junior Champion, Ivey Mareth; Showmanship Senior Champion, Kentley Rieder;
Broilers: Grand Champion, Gracie Kenney; Reserve Grand Champion, Eli Bowles;
Poultry: Best Waterfowl, Riley Rupp; Reserve Best Waterfowl, Riley Rupp; Best Bantam, Reagan Doucet; Reserve Best Bantam, Reagan Doucet Best Large Fowl, Kyrstin Gold; Reserve Best Large Fowl, Elizabeth Carroll; Best Turkey, Rachel Waters Reserve Best Turkey, Riley Rupp; Supreme Poultry, Kyrstin Gold and Reserve Supreme Poultry, Reagan Doucet;
2023 Youth Fair Ag Mechanic Results
Large Projects: Grand Champion, Dominic Harris and Patrick Spangler; Reserve Grand Champion, Wayne Allen Kahl and Christian Ricketts;
Small Projects: Grand Champion, Ben Hill; Reserve Grand Champion, Jaden Edwards;
Overall Grand Champion Project: Dominic Harris and Patrick Spangler;
Overall Reserve Champion Project: Wayne Allen Kahl and Christian Ricketts.
Friends of the Fair Awards Recipients: Karla Grimm and Andrews Farm and Seed
Zoe Gurley- Buyer: Four State Stockyards
Rachel Callison- Buyer: Joplin Regional Stockyards
Tony Guess- Buyer: Burk Land & Cattle
Hanna Sivils- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Zeb Wilson- Buyer: Four State Stockyards
Kendall Neely- Buyer: Race Brothers- Monett
Laramy Prewitt- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Seth Callison- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Bryant Wood- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Aria Duwe- Buyer: TS Whites, LLC
Vincent Welters- Buyer: TS Whites, LLC
Aubree Rogerson- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Colton Lowry- Buyer: Free Range Dairy
Regan Voskamp- Buyer: Joplin Regional Stockyards
Dave Brown- Buyer: Marionville FFA Alumni
Gracie Kenney- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Mason Neely- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Eliana McElhany- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Ella Clark- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Harley Prevo- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Kimberly Long- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Camryn Shepherd- Buyer: Four State Stockyards
Hudson Kramer- Buyer: K&L Sale- Jim Kramer
Lindsay McDonald- Buyer: Sandstone Farms, LLC
Mavrie Pritchett- Buyer: Moriondo Ranch- Larry Moriondo
Caydence Welters- Buyer: Arlan Campbell
Kyrstin Gold- Buyer: TS Whites, LLC
Gavin McDonald- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Lane Allen- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Lyla Welters- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Nora Glassman- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Andrew Finch- Buyer: Sandstone Farms, LLC
Ally Kenney- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Brittany Erwin-Buyer: Tyson Foods
Hurly Koenig- Buyer: Tyson Foods
jayden Kultgen- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Liam Sand- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Lily Bleul- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Owen Kenny- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Philip Couch- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Raylee Couch- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Wyatt Carr- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Wesley Myers- Buyer: Karla Grimm
Brody Wilmoth- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Jacob Wood- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Jaxon Hoven- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Lawrence Welters- Buyer: Harmon Welding
Holly Koenig- Buyer: TS Whites, LLC
Payton Duwe- Buyer: TS Whites, LLC
Alexander Baker- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Clayton Clark- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Isabella Collins- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Keenan Kleiboeker- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Layton Prewitt- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Lauryn Landers- Buyer: Randy Landers
Zane McDonald- Buyer: Joplin Regional Stockyards
Conner Erwin- Buyer: Robert & Debbie Pankau
Brayden Williams- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Clayton Hawkins- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Morgan Holton- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Cheyenne Halog- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Ellery Couch- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Mikalyn McIntire- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Eli Bowles- Buyer: Roger Bowles
Emma Butler- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Saphira Halog- Buyer: Tyson Foods
Hailey Martin- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Owen Brown- Buyer: Hills Feed & More
Allaura Baker- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Andrew Scott- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Bethany Baker- Buyer: Race Brothers-Monett
Jayden Stockton- Buyer: Four State Stockyards
2023 Lawrence County 4-H Achievement Day results
Fifty-six members from eight county 4-H clubs exhibited 206 projects and participated in member judging, speaking and fashion revue at the 2023 Lawrence County 4-H Achievement Day. Clubs represented were: Lawrence County Stockmen’s, Lucky Charms, Miller Champs, Mt. Comfort, Solid Rock, Jolly Ranchers, Kountry Kids and Verona Wild Clovers. The most popular project area was arts and crafts. The Lawrence County 4-H Council also held a very successful silent auction. Clubs and the Lawrence County 4-H Council donated 18 unique gift baskets, which were bid on throughout Achievement Day and Youth Fair activities, generating nearly $1,100 to benefit the county 4-H program. Lawrence County 4-H also auctioned off two barrel benches, raising a total of $400 to benefit the Wreaths for Warriors project.

PROJECT EXHIBITS All blue ribbon exhibits qualify for Ozark Empire Fair.

Rosalina Albaladejo, barn quilt, red; Alexander Baker, eye/hand skills board, red; Allaura Baker, His Majesty, blue; Evening Forest, blue; Vase in Blues, blue; Aurora Borealis, blue; Harley Quinn, blue; Pastoral Cows, blue; Asteroids, blue; Lord Shellington, blue. Bethany Baker, follow directions skill board, blue. Miranda Baker, Lady in Gems, red. Joanna Bello, winter barn with stars, red; Night Sky with Butterfly, blue; cell phone holder, red. Logan Brown, painted flower pot, blue; bottle gourd bird house, blue. Madelyn Brown, gourd birdhouse, blue. Ella Clark Van Eyek inspired cross, blue; pen still life, red; barn board my favorite colors, blue; still life painting, blue; perler bead name plaque, blue. Conner Cope, leather keychain, red. Skyler Cope, horse Valentine’s Box, blue; leather earrings and bracelet, blue; leather keychain, blue. Ellery Couch, leather moccasins, blue; “Good Morning,” red; “Home to the Nest,” blue. Phillip Couch, western leather vest, blue; leather belt, blue. Raylee Couch, leather purse, blue; embroidered tea towel, blue; embroidered jean pocket, blue; 4-H camp tee-shirt design, blue; windy day, blue; 9-11 tee-shirt design, blue; G.O.A.T., blue; succulent drawing, blue; Acts 2:2-4, blue. Robin Drury, country Santa painting, blue. Aria Duwe, string art, red; barn quilt, red. Payton Duwe, barn quilt, red. Brittaney Erwin, counting sprinkles skills board, blue. Connor Erwin, color match skills board, blue.  Andrew Finch, pour painting, blue. Ethan Finch, paint our on canvas, blue. Amelia Justus, Harry Potter drawing, blue. Addilynn Koehler, paper mache’ hat, blue. Hudson Kramer, barn quilt, blue. Jaidyn Long, number match skills board, blue. Rylee Long, color match skills board, blue. Colton Lowry, barn quilt, blue. Gavin McDonald, truck drawing, blue.Lindsay McDonald, western gallery, blue; wooden cactus print, blue; geometric horse, blue; cactus blooms, blue. Zane McDonald, farm display, blue; wooden flowers and flower pot, red. Elijah McGuire, counting skills board, blue. Lakota Prewitt, cars poured painting, red; birdhouse poured paint, red. Laramy Prewitt, poured painting, blue. Layten Prewitt, Chiefs poured painting, blue. Elijah Richardson, winter barn painting, blue; swallowtail night painting, blue. Camryn Shepherd, Rocky, blue; snake, red; Wakko, blue; Wakko 2, red; Wakko 3, white; barn quilt, blue; Wakko 4, red; Rocky 2, red; Noodle burger boy, blue; 2-D drawing, blue; Yakko, red. Gabriel Shuman, animal match skills board, blue. Grayson Stonebraker, apple count skills board, blue. Mason Stonebraker, shapes skills board, blue. Lawrence Welters, wallet, blue; wallet 2, blue. Lyla Welters, cross stitch, blue; cross stitch, blue. Vincent Welters, leather notebook, blue.
Lakota Prewitt, beef parts diagram, red. honey, blue; wax renderings, blue. Ethan Finch, bee swarm poster, blue.
Alexander Baker, decorated cake, blue. Allaura Baker, Stegosaurus cake, blue. Bethany Baker, mine craft with a diamond, blue. Amelia Justus, Harry Potter cake, red. Emma Justus, giraffe cake, blue. Jaylee Waters, Harry Potter Cake, blue. Rachel Waters, horse cake, red.
Joanna Bello, Americana napkins, blue. Ella Clark, hooded towel, blue; bedazzled bead hat, blue.
Andrew Bello, winter barn painting, blackberry jam, wren bird house, cell phone holder, night sky with lightning bugs and butterfly. Harlan Couch, moccasins, bull painting, leather bookmark, leather belt. Jase Welters, Lego Star Wars, model plane, Lego castle. James Wick, flower painting.
All received special clover kid ribbons.
COMPUTERS: Andrew Finch, business website, blue.
CROCHET: Ella Clark, weaving loom coaster set, blue.
DOG: Andrew Finch, dog tie dye, blue.
ENTOMOLOGY: Caydance Welters, bees, blue. Vincent Welters, bee board, blue.
Ellery Couch, Ellery’s Cakes, blue. Robin Drury, painted cow bell, blue. Andrew Finch, About My Business, blue. Camryn Shepherd, Daffy, blue. Caydance Welters, general service, blue. Vincent Welters, leatherworking, blue. Zeb Wilson, USA coaster, blue; pray bookmark, blue; God’s country, blue; Go Fish bookmark, blue.
Ella Clark, Mommy’s No Bake Cookies, blue. Brittaney Erwin, cookie cookbook, blue; peanut butter cookies, blue. Connor Erwin, cowboy cookies, blue. Elijah McGuire, how to make butter, blue; cookie cookbook, blue. Gabriel Shuman, cookie cookbook, blue. Grayson Stonebraker, cookie cookbook, blue. Mason Stonebraker, cookie cookbook, blue. Jaylee Waters, confetti cookies, blue; banana bread, blue. Rachel Waters, pumpkin muffins, blue. Caydance Welters, rolls, blue.
Joanna Bello, blackberry jam, blue. Madelyn Brown, strawberry jam, blue. Elijah Richardson, blackberry jam, blue.
Andrew Finch, edible mushrooms, blue.
Alexander Baker, seed bombs, red. Bethany Baker, seed bombs, red. Logan Brown, gardening poster, blue. Phillip Couch, terrarium, blue. Aria Duwe, rope flower pot, blue. Connor Erwin, seed bombs, blue. Elijah McGuire, seed bombs, blue. Gabriel Shuman, seed bombs, blue.
Conner Cope, South Dakota info board, red. Skyler Cope, About Montana display, blue.
Addilynn Koehler, star hanging decoration, blue.
Conner Cope, different knots board, blue.
Raylee Couch, Wrightvale Farm sunset, blue. Aria Duwe, waterdrops on plants, blue; Looks Like A Spider plant, blue. Payton Duwe, purple plant, red; flower raindrop, red. Andrew Finch, turkey tail, blue; moss on log, blue; fluffy moss, blue; bug trails in wood, blue. Lawrence Welters, picture, blue; picture, blue.
Andrew Finch, eggs, blue. Lawrence Welters, chicken waterer, blue.
Allaura Baker, Diamonds in Disguise, blue.
Wyatt Carr, lego Porsche car, blue; Lego green Dodge car, blue. Colton Lowry, lego car, blue. Lawrence Welters, race car, blue; boat, blue.
Aria Duwe, swim page, red.
Madelyn Brown, bird poster, blue. Conner Cope, About Honey Bee Display, blue. Preston James, camping cup holder, blue. Lawrence Welters, knife blue.      Vincent Welters, knife, blue.
Ella Clark, princess mask, blue. Caydance Welters, music poster, blue.  
Phillip Couch, frog habitat, blue.
Elijah Richardson, rocket stove, blue. Vincent Welters, welding project, red.
Rosalina Albaladejo, bird house, blue. Phillip Couch, sword, red. Aria Duwe, buckle holder blue; plinko board, blue. Payton Duwe, birdhouse, red; ring toss game, blue. Colton Lowry, shelf, blue; bird house, blue. Gavin McDonald, nest box, blue; flower box, red; bird house, blue. Zane McDonald, birdhouse, red; pig stick, blue. Elijah Richardson, chicken laying box, blue. Vincent Welters, pony stitcher, blue.


JUNIOR DIVISION: Conner Cope, 1st, blue, regional. Aria Duwe, 2nd, blue, regional.
INTERMEDIATE DIVISION: Addilyn Koehler, 1st, blue, regional.
SENIOR DIVISION: Lindsay McDonald, 1st, blue, regional. Caydance Welters, 2nd, blue, regional.
JUNIOR DIVISION: Payton Duwe,1st, blue, regional. Aria Duwe, 2nd, blue, regional.  
SENIOR DIVISION: Lindsay McDonald, 1st, blue, regional.
SENIOR DIVISON: Caydance Welters, 1st, blue, regional. Zeb Wilson, 2nd, blue, regional.
JUNIOR DIVISION: Payton Duwe, 1st, blue, regional.
SENIOR DIVISON: Zeb Wilson, 1st, blue, regional.
JUNIOR DIVISION: Hanna Sivils, 1st, blue, regional.  
JUNIOR DIVISION: Addilyn Koehler and Vincent Welters, tied for 1st, blue, regional. Aria Duwe and Wyatt Carr, tied for 2nd, blue, regional. Hanna Sivils, 3rd, blue, regional. Payton Duwe, 4th, blue, regional.  
SENIOR DIVISION: Caydance Welters, 1st. blue, regional.
JUNIOR DIVISION: Payton Duwe, 1st, blue, regional. Layten Prewitt, 2nd, blue, regional. Zane McDonald, 3rd, red.
SENIOR DIVISION: Gavin McDonald, 1st blue, regional. Lindsay McDonald, 2nd, blue, regional. Caydance Welters, 3rd, red.
JUNIOR DIVISION: Zane McDonald, 1st, blue, regional. Layten Prewitt, 2nd, blue, regional.
SENIOR DIVISION: Gavin McDonald, 1st, blue, regional. Lindsay McDonald, red.  


Age 8-10: Hudson Kramer, Zane McDonald, and Lyla Welters, tied for 1st place, blue, regional. Aria Duwe, Bethany Baker and Ella Clark, tied for 2nd place, blue, regional.
Age 11-13: Gavin McDonald, 1st, blue, regional. Vincent Welters and Payton Duwe, tied for 2nd, blue, regional. Rosalina Albaladejo and Raylee Couch, tied for 3rd, blue, regional. Camryn Shepherd and Alexander Baker, tied for 4th, blue, alternates. Addilyn Koehler and Lawrence Welters, tied for 5th, blue.
Age 14-18: Connor Erwin, Lindsay McDonald, Caydance Welters, and Brittaney Erwin, tied for 1st place, blue, regional.

All blue qualify for state fashion revue.

JUNIOR DIVISION: Phillip Couch, blue.
SENIOR DIVISION: Allaura Baker, blue.

JUNIOR DIVISION: Aria Duwe 1st, blue. Hudson Kramer, 2nd, blue, alternate. Zane McDonald, 3rd, blue, alternate.
INTERMEDIATE DIVISION: Rosalina Albaladejo, 1st, blue. Payton Duwe, 2nd, blue, alternate. Gavin McDonald, 3rd, blue, alternate. Vincent Welters, blue. Lawrence Welters. blue.
SENIOR DIVISION: Lindsay McDonald, 1st, blue.

JUNIOR DIVISION: Lyla Welters, 1st, blue.
SENIOR DIVISION: Caydance Welters, 1st, blue.

All blue ribbon demonstrations qualify for Regional Achievement,Day and Missouri State Fair.  
Ages 8-13: Skyler Cope, diamond art, blue. Conner Cope, tying knots, blue. Aria Duwe, how to make dog toys, blue. Payton Duwe, first aid, blue. Zane McDonald, rabbit care, blue. Lawrence Welters, paracord projects, blue. Lyla Welters, rubber band bracelet, blue. Vincent Welters, leather work, blue.
Ages 14-18: Gavin McDonald, showing rabbits, blue. Lindsay McDonald, washing a Hereford, blue. Caydance Welters, writing and performing music, blue.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: All qualify for regional achievement day and State Public Speaking Contest.  

JUNIOR DIVISION: Aria Duwe, 1st, blue.
INTERMEDIATE DIVISION: Payton Duwe, blue and Camryn Shepherd, blue,  tied for first.
SENIOR DIVISION: Lindsay McDonald, blue.

SENIOR DIVISION: Caydance Welters, blue.

JUNIOR DIVISION: Layten Prewitt, blue.
SENIOR DIVISION: Caydance Welters, blue.




Lawrence County Record

312 S. Hickory St.
Mt. Vernon, MO, 65712


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