Living Waters Fellowship church building taking shape

Steve Chapman

Shown above is the under-construction Living Waters Fellowship worship center on Farm Road 1112 in Mt. Vernon. (Photo by Ryan Squibb)

Missionaries lend helping hand to construct new worship facility in northwest Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon’s Living Waters Fellowship church, which is building a new church building on Farm Road 1112, just west of where Highway 174 ends, was recently given a hand by a group called Volunteer Christian Builders (VLC). The builders, consisting of 13 missionary couples, were at the building site for about two weeks, where they built the outdoor walls and roof of the church’s new building.
Bruce Rinker, pastor of Living Waters, said his congregation actually began moving towards the new building about two years ago.
“We had to go through a process of finding some land, and then we had to go through the process of raising some funds for it so we could get to this point,” he said. The church also had a foundation for the building laid before the VLC arrived.
The VLC, Rinker said, worked for no pay; the church only had to provide meals, electricity for their RVs and the building materials used in constructing the church building.

 While the VLC went a long way in helping Living Waters with their new church building, Rinker said a lot of work remains to be done on the building, and doesn’t expect it will be ready before spring or early summer.
“It’s going to be a pretty big challenge for us to do the electrical, the insulation, the sheet rock, plumbing,” he said. “Those things are a pretty good job.”
Currently, Rinker said, the church could use the help of people skilled in those areas, as well as donations to help pay for more building materials. He said that there have been those who have helped, and the congregation is very grateful to them.
“We’ve had a lot of people, companies and different contractors, help us in a lot of ways,” he said. “We’re very appreciative.”
The church building, Rinker said, is about 3,200 square feet in size, and when finished, it will have a worship area, restrooms, a nursery, a couple of classrooms and a kitchen. The building is also designed so the church can build onto it in the future.
“We designed it so we can build next to it a true worship center or something like that and we can do it in a way that it will blend right in,” he said. “It won’t disrupt our plumbing; stuff like that.”
Rinker said building a new place of worship for the church isn’t easy, but in the end, he believes it will be worth it.
“It’s a challenge,” he said. It’s a step of faith every step of the way, but he’s done some remarkable things getting us through this point, and I believe he will continue to do that. We want him to be glorified in the end. We hope it will be a positive part of the community.”
For more information, or to volunteer or make a donation, call Bruce Rinker at (417) 466-8199, or e-mail him at
A video of the progress made on the church building by the VLC can be seen on the Living Water Fellowship’s Facebook page.


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