Makin’ it, Raine

Raine Clotfelter prepares to cut the ribbon at the ceremony celebrating the second All Roads Lead Home mural in Aurora, which he painted.

The completed mural. (Photos by Steve Chapman)

Second ‘All Roads…’ mural celebrated on Aurora square
A ribbon cutting ceremony marking the completion of the second All Roads Lead Home mural in Aurora was held Saturday, June 18. About 40 people attended the afternoon gathering. Located on the south side of the Pawnderosa Gun and Pawn building at the intersection of College and Madison, east of the square, the mural was painted by Raine Clotfelter, known familiarly as "America's Muralist." The mural includes a depiction of the Butterfield Stage, which ran through Aurora on the Old Wire Road, a portrait of Stephen Elliott, founder of Aurora, and the End of the Trail sculpture as the mural's centerpiece, a tribute to the 60,000 Native Americans who were forced out of their native lands by the United States Government and into what is now Oklahoma.
The mural also includes an American Flag in the background, a dragonfly and a butterfly, symbols of rebirth and renewal, and scripture on both lower corners of the mural. About 26 individuals and organizations supported the painting of the mural, and they are listed on a sign posted next to it.
Prior to the ribbon cutting, those gathered observed a moment of silence for educators Fred Baum and Jim Jones. Afterwards, Clotfelter offered up a prayer before cutting the ribbon."
To the right of the mural, there is also another project called "Wing Your Way Home," which also features a dragonfly and a butterfly. This project, still in progress, is being painted by local artists Hannah and Diana Estes.


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