Man who paralyzed SPD officer Priebe ruled not guilty by reason of insanity

Ethan Grayy


Routh committed to mental health facility; Priebe says it was "only feasible solution to keep him off the streets"
Jon Routh, 31, who was charged with running over former Springfield police officer Mark Priebe in June of 2020, has been ruled not guilty by reason of insanity. Routh was driving recklessly through the parking lot of the Springfield Police Department headquarters when got out and urinated on the front door of the building. Priebe came outside to talk to him when Routh, now back in his vehicle, stepped on the gas and hit Priebe, paralyzing him. Routh was then shot by another officer in order to stop the vehicle.

Routh is reportedly being committed to a state mental health facility following an evaluation by experts and the acceptance of his plea. Priebe expressed his opinion of the ruling in an interview. "My goal is to make sure that he is locked up as long as possible" he said, "It's the only feasable solution to keep him off the streets."

Priebe was in the courtroom during the trial so he could see Routh face to face. Priebe, his wife and his daughter all read impact statements in court. "We knew this plea was going to be accepted," Priebe said.

Priebe is now working in Republic Schools as a safety specialist and has since started the Priebe Strong Foundation which aims to support emergency responders in Missouri who are injured in the line of duty.



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