Monett's Creekmore accused of murdering own father

A Monett man was arrested after he was accused of shooting his own father 19 times outside a house they shared. Michael Lee Creekmore, 27, is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.
According to the probable cause statement in the case, Monett police officers responded to a call at Creekmore’s residence on Monday, Sept. 5. When they arrived, they reported that they found Robert Creekmore, Michael Creekmore’s father, laying on the street in front of the residence. Michael Creekmore was also at the scene, and he reportedly told the officers that he had shot his father. An officer who responded to the scene reported that witnesses heard arguing prior to the shots being fired.

The day started normally
Michael was taken to the Monett Police Station for an interview, and after signing a waiver of his Miranda Rights, agreed to speak with the officers.
During the interview, Michael told the officers he had woken up and fixed himself some food, after which he walked to the Rapid Roberts convenience store to get a soda. He said that his father was still asleep when he left.
When he returned, he said, Robert asked him to make more food, which Creekmore said he did. At that point, Creekmore said, he and his father were getting along.

Robert Creekmore allegedly became unexplainably abusive
Michael said that Robert went to the basement for a little while after eating, but when he returned, “he was acting belligerent and trying to start a fight with him.”
Michael then said that he had been abused by Robert his entire life (the probable cause statement reported that there was an extensive history of abuse at the residence), and when Robert started acting belligerent, he decided to walk away and put some items in his vehicle, which was parked in the front yard.
During the interview, Michael claimed that Robert was pushing him, but noticed that his dog was out, which gave Michael a chance to walk around to the front of his car. Robert then, Michael said, ran at him and tried to kick his feet out from under him and then punched him in the left side of his head, sending him staggering into the street.

Michael Creekmore said he fired weapon after his father continued to advance on him
Robert then advanced on his again, Michael claimed, and at that point, he pulled his gun, a Zigana PX-9 9mm pistol, from his waistband and started firing at Robert. An officer asked Michael how many times he fired at Robert, and Michael said he fired every round in the gun (The gun had one round in the chamber, initially, plus 18 rounds in the clip). The officer asked if Robert had any weapons on him at the time, and Michael reportedly said, “No.” Michael also allegedly said Robert had not made any verbal threats against him.
As of press time, Creekmore remained in the custody of the Barry County Jail.


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