Property owner asks city to divide MRC into four tracts

Steve Chapman

Mt. Vernon aldermen get update on new restroom/concessions building at Spirit of ‘76 Park
A proposed division of the old Missouri Rehabilitation Center (MRC) grounds at 600 N. Main, Mt. Vernon, would separate the property into four different tracts.
Terry Moore, head of Building and Code Enforcement, presented a proposed sketch plat of the property to the Mt. Vernon Board of Aldermen during its meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, and told them that Mt. Vernon Investments, LLC., the owner of the property, requested the division.
According to the sketch map presented by Moore, the first tract would be the smallest with 6.7 acres. Tracts two and four would both be somewhat larger; tract two would cover 21.4 acres while tract four would have 20.4 acres. Tract three would be the largest tract with 62.7 acres; it would also contain all of the structures that made up the MRC.
Moore said he would bring an ordinance for the proposed division to the board at their next meeting.

In other business
The board approved the purchase of a three-phase pad mount transformer for the new 911 Call Center at a cost of $26,329.29, the purchase of a metering rack at the cost of $10,350 for the Mt. Vernon High School building, and the purchase of another three-phase pad mount transformer, this one at a cost of $43,664.35, for the new jail center.
The purchases were made at the request of Dustin Davis, director of Public Works. Davis told the board that he calculated an additional 15-percent in the purchase amounts of the equipment in case the cost of the items went up before he ordered them.
The board also passed an ordinance vacating two alleys running between lots located between Landrum and West Streets. According to the ordinance’s language, the alleys were vacated at the request of property owners Dallas and Marie Gramm and Bob and Christine Maddocks.
Additionally, the board voted to remove a restriction that was put in place during the refinancing of the city’s 2014 Certificate of Participation (COP). In his report to the board, City Administrator Joe Kelley said that KPM CPAs, the city’s auditor, requested the restriction be removed so that the funds could be used in “a restricted debt service account.”
Finally, Kelley also gave the board an update on the restroom/concessions building being designed by Olsson Engineering. Kelley said the building would be 912 square feet in size and contain men’s, women’s and family restrooms, a mechanical room and an 11-by-24-foot concession area; he included a concept drawing of the building and it’s floor plan in his report.


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