Republican Senninger elected as next Lawrence County presiding commissioner

By Steve Chapman

Election voter turnout surpasses 14,000 countywide; reaches impressive 58 percent of eligible voters
Bob Senninger is Lawrence County’s next presiding commissioner, according to unofficial results from the general election in Lawrence County.
Senninger, who was running for presiding commissioner as a Republican, defeated Mike Palmer, an independent. Senninger received 9,826 votes, or 72.77-percent, while Palmer received 3,662 votes, or 27.12-percent.
In a statement, Senninger thanked Lawrence County voters for electing him.
“I am honored and humbled to have been elected Lawrence County’s next presiding commissioner,” he said. “I appreciate the overwhelming confidence the voters have shown by electing me to this position. I look forward to working alongside of the current commissioners, as well as the other county officials and their staff members, as together we continue to make Lawrence County a great place to live and work.”
Missouri State Representative Mike Moon also won his bid for re-election. Moon, a Republican, successfully defended his seat in the Missouri Legislature against Democratic challenger Loretta Thomas. Moon received 10,549, or 78.82-percent, votes against Thomas’s 2,819, or 21.06-percent.
In the race between Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley and Claire McCaskill for U.S. Senator, Lawrence County voters went for Hawley, who received over 73-percent of the vote; less than 23-percent voted for McCaskill. Statewide, Hawley defeated McCaskill.
Lawrence County voters also mirrored the state in the race for United States Representative, District 7. Almost 73-percent of voters chose to re-elect incumbent Billy Long, while only about 23-percent of them voted for Democratic challenger Jamie Daniel Schoolcraft. However, while over 62-percent of Lawrence County voted for Republican Saundra McDowell for auditor, Democrat Nicole Galloway was re-elected to the office with 50.2-percent of the statewide vote.
Lawrence County voters also weighed in on a number of proposed state-level issues. A majority voted to approve proposed Missouri Constitutional Amendments 1 and 2. Amendment 1 revises the way electoral districts are to be drawn in the state, and Amendment 2 legalizes medical marijuana while taxing it at 4-percent. Both amendments passed statewide.
Lawrence County voters also chose to keep Judges W. Brent Powell and Mary Rhodes Russell on the Missouri Supreme Court, as well as Judge Jeffery Bates on the Missouri Circuit Court of Appeals; southern district. These issues also passed statewide.
On the other hand, Lawrence County voters rejected proposed Amendments 3 and 4. Amendment 3, which failed statewide, would have also legalized medical marijuana, but taxed it at 15-precent, while Amendment 4, which passed statewide, removes the constitutional ban on organizations advertising bingo games and reduces the amount of time for someone who is member of an organization to manage a bingo game for that organization from two years to six months.
Among the Missouri propositions, Lawrence County voters narrowly rejected Proposition B, which will raise the minimum wage in Missouri by 85-cent increments each year until it reaches $12 per hour in 2023. The issue passed statewide.
Lawrence County voters also chose to reject Propositions C and D. Proposition C, would have legalized medical marijuana in Missouri and taxed it at two percent. Proposition D would have raised the gas tax by 10-cents over four years. Both issues failed statewide.
Mt. Vernon and Freistatt voters also considered issues in their cities. In Mt. Vernon, a small majority of voters opted to allow alcohol to be sold by the drink in city limits. According to election results, 830 Mt. Vernon voters approved the measure, while 727 opposed it.
Meanwhile, Freistatt voters chose to create a fire protection district, and elected Roy Obermann, Ron Hayward, Bruce Doss, Matt Losack and Matthew Johnson as fire protection district directors.
A total of 14,153 voters cast ballots in Lawrence County, a turnout of 58.81 percent of eligible voters.

During the election, 10 people ran for office unopposed in Lawrence County. They are:

Scott Fitzpatrick: Missouri State Representative, District 158
Jack Goodman: Circuit Judge, Circuit 39
Scott Sifferman: Associate Circuit Judge, Division I
Robert E. George: Associate Circuit Judge, Division II
Tammy (Cole) Riebe: County Clerk
Pam Mieswinkel Fobair: Circuit Clerk
Gary Emerson: Recorder of Deeds
Kathy Seneker Fairchild: County Treasurer
Don Trotter: Prosecuting Attorney
Kelli McVey: Collector of Revenue

General Election results for Lawrence County – Nov. 6, 2018

Presiding Commissioner:
Bob Senninger, Rep: 9,826, or 72.77-percent
Mike Palmer, Ind: 3,662, or 27.12-percent
Write in: 14, or 0.10-percent

Mt. Vernon Question:
Yes: 830, or 53.31-percent
No: 727, or 46.69-percent

U.S. Senator:
Josh Hawley, Rep: 10,309, or 73.44-percent
Claire McCaskill, Dem: 3,188, or 22.71-percent
Japeth Campbell, Lib: 223, or 1.59-percent
Jo Crain, Green: 65, or 0.46-percent
Craig O’Dear, Independent: 247,  or1.76-percent
Write in: 6, or 0.04-percent

State Auditor:
Saundra McDowell, Rep: 8,592, or 62.13-percent
Nicole Galloway, Dem: 4,573, or 33.07-percent
Sean O’Toole, Lib: 374, or 2.7-percent
Don Fitz, Green: 127, or 0.92-percent
Jacob Luetkemeyer, Constitution: 151, or 1.09-percent
Write in: 13, or 0.09-percent

United States Representative, District 7:
Billy Long, Rep: 10,065, or 72.37-percent
Jamie Daniel Schoolcraft, Dem: 3,184, or 22.89-percent
Benjamin T. Brixey, Lib: 636, or 4.57-percent
Write in: 23, or 0.17-percent

State Representative, District 157:
Mike Moon, Rep: 10,549, or 78.82-percent
Loretta Thomas, Dem: 2,819, or 21.06-percent
Write in: 16, or 0.12-percent

State Rep, District 158:
Scott Fitzpatrick, Rep.: 399, or 98.52-percent
Write in: 6, or 1.48-percent

Circuit Judge, Circuit 39:
Jack Goodman, Rep: 12,292, or 98.98-percent
Write in: 127, or 1.02-percent

Associate Circuit Judge, Div. 1:
Scott Sifferman, Rep: 12,193, or 98.92-percent
Write in: 133, or 1.08-percent

Associate Circuit Judge, Div. 2:
Robert E. George, Rep: 11,970, or 98.64-percent
Write in: 165, or 1.36-percent

County Clerk:
Tammy (Cole) Riebe, Rep: 12,020, or 99.17-percent
Write in: 100, or 0.83-percent

Circuit Clerk:
Pam Mieswinkel Fobair, Rep: 11,846, or 99.12-percent
Write in: 105, or 0.88-percent

Recorder of Deeds:
Gary Emerson, Rep.: 12,121, or 99.17-percent
Write in: 102, or 0.83-percent

County Treasurer:
Kathy Seneker Fairchild, Rep: 12,026, or 99.24-percent
Write in: 92, or 0.76-percent

Prosecuting Attorney:
Don Trotter, Rep: 11,816, or 98.4-percent
Write in: 192, or 1.6-percent

Collector of Revenue:
Kelly McVey, Rep: 12,269, or 99.15-percent
Write in: 105, or 0.85-percent

Retaining of Judge W. Brent Powell on the Missouri Supreme Court:
Yes: 10,149, or 82.13-percent
No: 2,208, or 17.87-percent

Retaining of Judge Mary Rhodes Russell on the Missouri Supreme Court:
Yes: 9,543, or 77.79-percent
No: 2,724, or 22.21-percent

Retaining of Judge Jeffery Bates on the Missouri Circuit Court of Appeals:
Yes: 9,661, or 78.62-perent
No: 2,628, or 21.38-percent

Freistatt Fire Protection District Board of Directors:
Roy Oberman: 362, or 20.97-percent
Ron Hayward: 330, or 19.12-percent
Bruce Doss: 343, or 19.87-percent
Matt Losack: 344, or 19.93-percent
Matthew Johnson: 330, or 19.12-percent
Write in: 17, or 0.98-percent

Freistatt Fire Protection Question:
Yes: 324, or 75.7-percent
No: 103, or 24.3-percent

Missouri Amendment One:
Yes: 7,523, or 54.71-percent
No: 6,227, or 45.29-percent

Missouri Amendment Two:
Yes: 7,358, or 52.72-percent
No: 6,598, or 47.28-percent

Missouri Amendment Three:
Yes: 3,727, or 26.95-percent
No: 10,103, or 73.05-percent

Missouri Amendment Four:
Yes: 6,111, or 45.95-percent
No: 7,189, or 54.05-percent

Missouri Proposition B:
Yes: 6,893, or 49.81-percent
No: 6,945, or 50.19-percent

Missouri Proposition C:
Yes: 4,760, or 34.61-percent
No: 8,994, or 65.39-percent

Missouri Proposition D:
Yes: 5,531, or 39.87-percent
No: 8,340, or 60.13-percent

Total number of eligible voters in Lawrence County: 24,067
Total number of eligible voters in Lawrence County who cast votes: 14,153, or 58.81-percent


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