Trump, Biden carry Lawrence County in March 10 primary election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden carried the most votes in their respective parties during the presidential primary election in Lawrence County on Tuesday, March 10.
Donald Trump carried the overwhelming majority of votes cast in the Republican Primary Election; he received 3,150 out of 3,212 votes cast for the Republican primary. The next highest result was 25 uncommitted votes, followed by 13 for Billy Weld. In the Democratic primary, Joe Biden received 1,024 votes out of 1,671 cast, followed by 519 for Bernie Sanders, 36 for Michael Bloomberg and 30 for Tulsi Gabbard. A total of 4,902 votes were cast during the primary, or about 20.48-percent of the registered voters in Lawrence County.
Statewide, Trump carried 299,458 votes of the 309,211 votes cast in the Republican primary, followed by 4,182 uncommitted votes and 2,147 votes for Billy Weld. Biden received 396,826 votes of the 660,083 votes cast in the Democratic primary, followed by 228,244 votes for Bernie Sanders, 9,754 votes for Bloomberg, 8,066 votes for Elizabeth Warren and 4,838 votes for Tulsi Gabbard. Nationwide, Trump is the uncontested leader in the Republic primary elections; he currently holds 1,141 delegates; the only other candidate to have a delegate is Weld, who has only one. The Republican candidate for President must secure 1,276 delegates to secure the party’s nomination.
In the Democratic party, Biden is currently leading with 894 delegates, followed by Sanders with 743. A total of 1,991 delegates are required to win the Democratic party’s nomination.
There was a total of five candidates on the Republican ballot, however, only Trump and Weld remain in that election. Democratic voters had a total of 22 candidates to choose from, however, only Biden, Sanders and Gabbard are the only candidates still running for their party’s nomination.


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