Verona man allegedly robs Hood's Truck Stop at gunpoint, later arrested

Ethan Gray


Caught on camera, suspect Bruce Vonier walks through Hood's Truck stop with a duffle bag. (Photo submitted)

Bruce Vonier, 59, of Verona was arrested following the armed robbery of Hood's Truck Stop located at I-44 Exit 61. According to Paul Hood, vice president of Hood's, the man walked by several employees and customers and went straight to the office at about 7:30 in the morning on Thursday, June 8. None suspected he would be there to rob the place.

"He looked like any other trucker going to take a shower," said Hood.

Vonier, brandishing a shotgun, and a bright white goatee, confronted an employee in the office of the truck stop and requested that he open up the safe so he could take the money from inside. Vonier, reportedly knowing that one employee was armed, asked him to place his gun on the table before he proceeded. Though he was not at liberty to share the amount that was stolen, Hood said that it was a "substantial" amount.

He took phones from employees and customers in the building in addition to the money. Vonier then made his getaway in a red Dodge Avenger that had no license plates or registration. Vonier had parked at the north side of the building which would have made for the fastest egress. Based on his intimate familiarity with the layout of the truck stop and its office, Hood speculates that he might have scouted the area beforehand or had some inside information.

"He obviously had some idea of the layout," said Hood.

The suspect was at large for two days but was found by authorities after a customer who had his phone stolen, used the "find my iPhone" feature to locate his stolen property. Authorities arrived at Vonier's his house where they found a red Dodge Avenger on the property. Vonier claimed that he had been spending time with friends during the time of the robbery. According to the Greene County Sherriff's Office, Vonier is currently being held without bond on charges of robbery in the first degree, as well as armed criminal action.

Because of the robbery, attempts are being made to tighten up security at Hood's. According to Hood there are currently plans to add more cameras, as well as a security door to the office to prevent anything like this from occurring again.


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