Facing felonies, MVPD’s Campbell released on bond, with restrictions

Preliminary hearing, full order of protection hearing set for Feb. 7 for electronically monitored suspect

Mt. Vernon police officer Allen Campbell who was held for almost three weeks on felony charges is free after posting a $25,000 corporate surety bond. Campbell was released from custody on Wednesday, Jan. 3.
Campbell’s release came after a bond hearing on the same day as his release; he appeared at the hearing via video. Judge Matt Selby presided over the hearing.
During the hearing, James Sullivan, special prosecuting attorney, argued for holding Campbell without bond, citing the severity of the offenses with which Campbell is charged. He also said that the victim was afraid of Campbell being released, as her house is located near his, and that there was a concern regarding alcohol use by Campbell.
Campbell’s attorney, James Riehn, countered that Campbell has been a police officer in Mt. Vernon for six years, owned property, had family who live in the area, had no previous criminal history and that he enjoyed the presumption of innocence until he is proven guilty. Riehn argued that Campbell should be released on his own recognizance, with the conditions that he have no contact with the victim, use no alcohol, and submit to electronic monitoring.
Sullivan opposed releasing Campbell on his own recognizance, and said that if Campbell was released, it should be with a minimum of a $25,000 bond and the provisions that he live nowhere near the victim’s residence, and that he submit to electronic monitoring.

Campbell freed but restricted
Judge Selby set Campbell’s bond at $25,000. He also set conditions for Campbell’s release, including that he not live near the victim, be placed on electronic monitoring, use no alcohol and have no contact with the victim. Campbell was also restricted from contacting the victim or being within 1,000 feet of the victim’s home or place of employment. He was permitted to visit his home once to get his personal belongings, though some of his family members present said they could get his things for him. He will reside with a family member while out on bond.

Lawman faces several charges
Campbell was taken into custody on Wednesday, Dec. 15, after charges were filed against him by the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office, including first-degree attempted rape, second-degree kidnapping, second-degree harassment and second-degree stalking. The victim in the case reported to investigators at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office that on Saturday, Nov. 18, she was at Campbell’s home, and after they argued, he said he was going to drive to his brother’s house. The victim said she tried to keep Campbell from doing so because he was drunk, but then Campbell attacked her, tried to remove her clothing and then tried to keep her from leaving. She also said that, on Monday, Dec. 11, Campbell approached her at a convenience store and tried to talk to her, and that he wouldn’t leave her alone even after she asked him to.
Additionally, the victim told the investigators that Campbell asked about her kids and if he could see them; she said she told him no and to stay away from her children. After paying for her items, she said, she went to her car and waited until Campbell left before she went to her workplace.

Next appearance
Campbell will next appear in court on Wednesday, Feb. 7, for a preliminary hearing. He will also appear in court that day for a full order of protection hearing.



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