Springfield woman arrested for assaulting Mt. Vernon teen with helmet


Nose-breaking incident occurred in March 2022, warrant issued in April 2022, officially arrested in 2023
A Springfield woman was arrested by the Lawrence County Sheriff's office on a charge of assault in the first degree on June 21. The alleged assault took place back in March of 2022 at White Park in Aurora.
The alleged victim of the crime Payton West, of Mt. Vernon, who was 17 at the time, was watching a semi-professional football game in Aurora when he and his friends were harassed by the opposing team’s fans all night, especially by Alazayna Moi, 20, who reportedly threw various items, including a cup of water and hot chocolate at West. Moi claims that West's group of friends were making comments criticizing her brother's football team.
After the game, Moi and her friends, including her brother Kenesareta Moi, aggressively confronted West on the field. Upon their approach, Kenesareta Moi threw his football helmet on the ground, shoved West and had to be physically restrained by other attendees. Alazayna Moi then took matters into her own hands, picking up the helmet off the ground and using it to strike West in the face, causing a fracture of the nasal bone and making multiple stitches necessary. West apparently had his back turned before the assault and was unable to defend himself because his hands were in his pockets.
The warrant for Alazayna Moi's arrest was issued in April of 2022, but she was not arrested until this year. She is currently being held at a bond of $50,000 on assault and an added charge of armed criminal action. She is in the process of requesting her bond reduced. Though no conclusion has come of Moi's case, multiple witnesses at the scene are reportedly "100 percent" certain that Alazayna Moi struck West in the face with the helmet.
Moi's brother admitted to authorities that he was involved in the incident and saw West bleeding, but said that he did not know who assaulted him further. Moi herself maintains her innocence in the case.


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