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Home to multiple restaurant operations through the years including Bamboo Gardens, Angus Branch and Meg's, the next monikor donned by te building located at 320 E. Mt. Vernon Blvd., will be Fine Wok, which will offer an Asian buffet. (Photo by Ryan Squibb)

Fine Wok to replace Meg's in Mt. Vernon, restaurant will offer Asian buffet, open by end of summer
A new restaurant will be going into the building formerly occupied by Meg's Smashburgers and Frozen Custard on Mt. Vernon Boulevard in Mt. Vernon. Fine Wok, which will offer Asian fare, is a new venture on the way courtesy of owner Harry Park.

Park was friends with Kim Keun Milligan, the owner of Bamboo Gardens, which formerly operated out of he same location in years past. Milligan passed away in late 2018 after a long bout with cancer.

"I took over this building and I want to keep her business philosophy," Park said.

Park will do just that, he is planning to convert the restaurant into a buffet-style establishment which will serve a variety of Asian cuisine, but mostly Chinese.

Park has undertaken much of the renovation work himself. He has already fixed some leaking in the building and upgraded kitchen appliances better suited for preparing Asian cuisine. Park also replaced part of the flooring and purchased new buffet tables so guests will be able to serve themselves. In addition, the parking lot is being repainted and the building behind the store will be remodeled, as well.

This will not be Park's first endeavor into the restaurant world, not even in the world of Asian restaurants. Park is already the owner of one restaurant in Springfield, Koriya, which serves Korean and other Asian food. Koriya has been open since 2013 and continues to this day, which could bode well for the future of Fine Wok.

Park is hoping to have his doors open for business before the end of the summer.

"The remodeling is almost done, we need to hire people in the kitchen, but once we're ready we should be open by the end of August or the beginning of September," said Park.


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