General Election results - Nov. 6, 2018

General Election results for Lawrence County – Nov. 6, 2018

Presiding Commissioner:
Bob Senninger, Rep: 9,826, or 72.77-percent
Mike Palmer, Ind: 3,662, or 27.12-percent
Write in: 14, or 0.10-percent

Mt. Vernon Question:
Yes: 830, or 53.31-percent
No: 727, or 46.69-percent

U.S. Senator:
Josh Hawley, Rep: 10,309, or 73.44-percent
Claire McCaskill, Dem: 3,188, or 22.71-percent
Japeth Campbell, Lib: 223, or 1.59-percent
Jo Crain, Green: 65, or 0.46-percent
Craig O’Dear, Independent: 247,  or1.76-percent
Write in: 6, or 0.04-percent

State Auditor:
Saundra McDowell, Rep: 8,592, or 62.13-percent
Nicole Galloway, Dem: 4,573, or 33.07-percent
Sean O’Toole, Lib: 374, or 2.7-percent
Don Fitz, Green: 127, or 0.92-percent
Jacob Luetkemeyer, Constitution: 151, or 1.09-percent
Write in: 13, or 0.09-percent

United States Representative, District 7:
Billy Long, Rep: 10,065, or 72.37-percent
Jamie Daniel Schoolcraft, Dem: 3,184, or 22.89-percent
Benjamin T. Brixey, Lib: 636, or 4.57-percent
Write in: 23, or 0.17-percent

State Representative, District 157:
Mike Moon, Rep: 10,549, or 78.82-percent
Loretta Thomas, Dem: 2,819, or 21.06-percent
Write in: 16, or 0.12-percent

State Rep, District 158:
Scott Fitzpatrick, Rep.: 399, or 98.52-percent
Write in: 6, or 1.48-percent

Circuit Judge, Circuit 39:
Jack Goodman, Rep: 12,292, or 98.98-percent
Write in: 127, or 1.02-percent

Associate Circuit Judge, Div. 1:
Scott Sifferman, Rep: 12,193, or 98.92-percent
Write in: 133, or 1.08-percent

Associate Circuit Judge, Div. 2:
Robert E. George, Rep: 11,970, or 98.64-percent
Write in: 165, or 1.36-percent

County Clerk:
Tammy (Cole) Riebe, Rep: 12,020, or 99.17-percent
Write in: 100, or 0.83-percent

Circuit Clerk:
Pam Mieswinkel Fobair, Rep: 11,846, or 99.12-percent
Write in: 105, or 0.88-percent

Recorder of Deeds:
Gary Emerson, Rep.: 12,121, or 99.17-percent
Write in: 102, or 0.83-percent

County Treasurer:
Kathy Seneker Fairchild, Rep: 12,026, or 99.24-percent
Write in: 92, or 0.76-percent

Prosecuting Attorney:
Don Trotter, Rep: 11,816, or 98.4-percent
Write in: 192, or 1.6-percent

Collector of Revenue:
Kelly McVey, Rep: 12,269, or 99.15-percent
Write in: 105, or 0.85-percent

Retaining of Judge W. Brent Powell on the Missouri Supreme Court:
Yes: 10,149, or 82.13-percent
No: 2,208, or 17.87-percent

Retaining of Judge Mary Rhodes Russell on the Missouri Supreme Court:
Yes: 9,543, or 77.79-percent
No: 2,724, or 22.21-percent

Retaining of Judge Jeffery Bates on the Missouri Circuit Court of Appeals:
Yes: 9,661, or 78.62-perent
No: 2,628, or 21.38-percent

Freistatt Fire Protection District Board of Directors:
Roy Oberman: 362, or 20.97-percent
Ron Hayward: 330, or 19.12-percent
Bruce Doss: 343, or 19.87-percent
Matt Losack: 344, or 19.93-percent
Matthew Johnson: 330, or 19.12-percent
Write in: 17, or 0.98-percent

Freistatt Fire Protection Question:
Yes: 324, or 75.7-percent
No: 103, or 24.3-percent

Missouri Amendment One:
Yes: 7,523, or 54.71-percent
No: 6,227, or 45.29-percent

Missouri Amendment Two:
Yes: 7,358, or 52.72-percent
No: 6,598, or 47.28-percent

Missouri Amendment Three:
Yes: 3,727, or 26.95-percent
No: 10,103, or 73.05-percent

Missouri Amendment Four:
Yes: 6,111, or 45.95-percent
No: 7,189, or 54.05-percent

Missouri Proposition B:
Yes: 6,893, or 49.81-percent
No: 6,945, or 50.19-percent

Missouri Proposition C:
Yes: 4,760, or 34.61-percent
No: 8,994, or 65.39-percent

Missouri Proposition D:
Yes: 5,531, or 39.87-percent
No: 8,340, or 60.13-percent

Total number of eligible voters in Lawrence County: 24,067
Total number of eligible voters in Lawrence County who cast votes: 14,153, or 58.81-percent



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